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Spam Karma

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If you are having any problems posting comments, just let me know.

I have installed the spam karma plugin and I hope this will solve some problems.


Trackback Spam

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Wow, I woke up this morning and I had about 90 trackback spams all from different IPs saying the exact same thing.

I had a small talk to Jeremy Wright last night and he recommended playing with filters (about 45 of them passed the filters and I updated some of my custom-written filters and added them to the trackback.php file) and using Spammer Tar Pit, which is explained on the page as so:

What it does

If you have any IP numbers listed in your moderation_keys setting (that’s where you put the spam words in the Comment Moderation setting under Discussion Options), this plugin will check them against the current visitor’s IP number. If it matches, the visitor will get a delay (that’s the tar pit – it slows them down), then an “Access Denied” message. You can customize the delay time and the message of course. Advanced users can also add additional IP matches manually, should they so desire. You might want to do that in order to match against an entire IP block, for instance.

I think I’ll begin installing it now and see how it works out. I have a few IPs to block. ;)

Revision: It’s installed, let’s try it out now ;).


Poll Spam

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Whoever spammed the poll, I was previously aware of the way this poll works. Yes, it’s annoying that all you have to do is delete a cookie. I was too lazy to add on the IP feature (I just stuck it in the plugins folder). I’ll definately be changing it now.

Ok, the poll should be fixed now :).


CSS Fixed

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Ok, sorry about the mix up. CSS was working just fine for me until I decided to check my site out on another computer using IE (eww). No CSS working, so I located the problem and fixed it. Sorry for the inconvinience.


Temporary Design (and plugins I use)

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As you may have noticed, the design has changed. If you didn’t, you’re pretty dumb (unless you’re a first-time visitor :)).

Anyways, just to let you know, this is only a temporary design until James starts/finishes my design.

Also, I added a few plugins to WordPress. Here’s a list and description of the plugins I have and are activated or will be soon:

Search Hilite (built-in) – This one highlights words searched for from Google or one of a few other search engines.
Polls – Adds a poll
StatTraq – Very nice stat tracker.
WP Style Switcher – Switches CSS style sheets easily.


Blog Open

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Well, I decided to open the blog before the design comes in. Expect that in the future after Great Big Blog opens. I just have an itch to blog. :)



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Welcome to my new blog, The Linux Blog. I suppose the domain name makes me “The Linux Blogger” or something of the sort ;). This post was made before the inital design came out, so you won’t see this on the day of the opening, but it will be there :).

I will probably have more than the usual number of Linux blog entries, but will still maintain a general blog.

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