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Linux is able to Secure Entire Network

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An IBM report that tested the suitability of Linux software to secure an network its entirety has come to light months after it was originally published.

Tested over three months at IBM’s Linux Test Integration Center (LTIC) by a seven-person team, the 87-page report [pdf] titled “Linux Security: exploring open source security for a Linux server environment” set out to test a wide range of open-source Linux products supported by IBM to see whether they could adequately protect a middleware environment. Only open source products were used.

The answer to this question was a resounding “yes", backed up by detailed technical description of the specification and configuration of the systems used in the testbed. Where alternative products were available to do a similar job, the report makes technical comparisons and comes up with judgments on their respective merits.


IBM is a large supporter of Linux, but not as Microsoft is with their “Get the Facts” campaign, claiming that Linux costs much more than Windows does overall. Sure, you need system admins with experience, but free vs. a hefty license for every copy installed does not compare.

IBM actually tested for security flaws, whereas Microsoft just hands out statements (undoubtedly paid statements) from companies who claim Windows costs more. This is an issue of security, not cost. Security overrides cost anywhere, even if Microsoft is correct about the cost (which they are not), Linux is still the better server OS.

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