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Days I’m Around

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Just to let you know:

I’ve been cutting back on computer time by personal choice and there are just some days I don’t have much time at all to be on AIM/MSN/Yahoo or anything of that sort.

So, here’s mostly what will happen:

Sunday - Mostly gone, maybe on before 4:00PM EST.
Monday - Same as sunday, except I might be on a little more than that.
Tuesday - Normal.
Wednesday - Not really on, see monday ;).
Thursday - See tuesday.
Friday - Depends on what I do.
Saturday - Most likely gone. See friday.

If you want to contact me:

AIM - CleteBlackwell
MSN - [email protected]
Yahoo - CleteBlackwell2
E-mail - [email protected] (you can use [email protected] if you like, I have 2 addresses, one being other, then another that’s more personal and then anything else goes to “[email protected]", which is a catch-all. [email protected] should work as well.)

By the way, happy Febuary :). In January, I had a link to my Linux distribution choice post, where I had tons of hits from the single source of Awesome :).

Trackback Spam

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Wow, I woke up this morning and I had about 90 trackback spams all from different IPs saying the exact same thing.

I had a small talk to Jeremy Wright last night and he recommended playing with filters (about 45 of them passed the filters and I updated some of my custom-written filters and added them to the trackback.php file) and using Spammer Tar Pit, which is explained on the page as so:

What it does

If you have any IP numbers listed in your moderation_keys setting (that’s where you put the spam words in the Comment Moderation setting under Discussion Options), this plugin will check them against the current visitor’s IP number. If it matches, the visitor will get a delay (that’s the tar pit – it slows them down), then an “Access Denied” message. You can customize the delay time and the message of course. Advanced users can also add additional IP matches manually, should they so desire. You might want to do that in order to match against an entire IP block, for instance.

I think I’ll begin installing it now and see how it works out. I have a few IPs to block. ;)

Revision: It’s installed, let’s try it out now ;).

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