Attempting to Burn GameCube Discs — in Progress

About a month and a half ago, I noticed a thread at the forums where SuperTed is attempting to burn ripped GameCube images. Quite legal if you own the game, just another type of backup. I will continue to follow up on this thread.

As of today, (I assume his name is as such from his username ‘SuperTed’) Ted has made a small step in getting it to work properly and has the screen which shows what game is inserted telling him the game name is “@# ‘!”" (forget the first and last quotes).

What has been done is writing a mini DVD-R (of a certain brand, not sure which he stuck to) with a certain burner. The image of the GameCube disc, which was read off of the GameCube (using the PSO Load method ( or .com or .org, can’t remember)), is also backwards. (this is due to the disc spinning ‘backwards’) So, the image is reversed byte-by-byte using an application and then burned to a DVD-R.

Check out the thread.

Still seems to me like stabbing in the dark, but we are getting closer.

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