August 4th, 2005

Hello everybody! How are you all?

I’m Nathan. I’ll be running this blog, though not writing for it. Clete2 has decided to discontinue blogging (at least for now), but that doesn’t mean that The Linux Blog should die. There are a few changes, though, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Firstly, I’ve created a basic design for the blog. It should give a bit more of a personal feel compared to the skin that Clete2 downloaded and installed before. There are a few quirks in the design on some of the subpages which will slowly get ironed out, but for now it’ll do.

Secondly, The Linux Blog needs a writer. I’ll do all of the other stuff (promotion, deleting comment spam, handling everything), I just need someone to do the writing. If anyone is interested, please add a comment here and I’ll drop you an e-mail.

Lastly, I’ve recategorized the site. The Linux Blog will no longer keep a gaming category, or a personal category. I’ve moved all of the existing posts (except those in the Linux, Technology, and Windows categories) into the “Archives” category, and have created several new categories. (This post is categorized under “Old Archive” too, so that people viewing that category have an idea of what’s going on.)

If you see any bugs, feel free to add a comment to this post and let me know. I’ll try and fix them.


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Coinmatics bot review

May 15th, 2005

After over half a year of inactivity, Legends 0.4.1c (a Tribes-like open-source game) is released!

Here’s a list of new features:

* In-game Admin setup system with plug-ins (Base Rape, Team Damage, Tourney)
* Observer Camera
* 3rd Person Reticle
* Explosions and Destroyed art for turret & inventory station.
* New Plasma Turret: model, sounds, team skins and script
* New Inventory Station: model, team skins and script
* New transitory GUI to improve art quality while developing a better GUI with new exe.
* New maps (Roughland and Ocular) for CTF
* Map updates (new skies, terrain etc)
* Deployable Station added with temporary art
* Server crash fixes on mission change
* Bugs fixed which were causing server lag � inventory accessing pause, plasma turrets etc
* Simplified Server/Client Prefs files into one Prefs.cs file, moved adminuserlist.cs to /prefs
* A lot of script changes and fixes (including the Arena Gametype)

Download here!

There are Linux and Windows clients (and servers) available for download.

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April 28th, 2005

The Gentoo Installer project aims to create an widely extensible install engine that allows for a diverse set of attended and un-attended install options. All functionality will exist in the backend, exposed through a stable API. Planned front ends include text, gtk2, fully automated, and web-based interfaces.


This has been mentioned multiple times over the years, but was shot down by many on the Gentoo forums as defeating the whole purpose of Gentoo. Not really. It you use an installer, you still have to compile the packages and get to customize your system to the max.

I hope they follow through with a good release in the near future.

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April 21st, 2005

In a marked departure from its earlier stand, Microsoft has promised to add Linux support for the first time in one of its products. Microsoft’s Server 2005 product will run on non-Windows machines, including Linux.

Microsoft had always rebuffed any requests for interoperability with products it didn’t make, particularly Linux, an open-source giant, which it has long considered a threatening alternative.

On Wednesday, Microsoft head Steve Ballmer promised to add Linux support to Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1, which will be shipped by the end of the year, because, he said, users need to manage heterogeneous networks.



I wonder how many copies will sell. I imagine the number to be quite small; what Linux user would buy a Microsoft product to run on their Linux server machine? Sounds like another way to get more money. If they make a tiny profit off of it, they will keep it. It also makes them sound good. “Hey, I hear Microsoft is not so competetive anymore. They are making stuff for Linux too.”

When is Office coming? Will Microsoft ever use the Linux kernel?

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April 14th, 2005

A while back, Microsoft said that it would remove the “temporary blocking mechanism,” which allowed users to opt-out of installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, on April 12th. From what was lead to believe by what I read, I assumed there would be no stopping the installation of SP2 besides turning automatic updates off entirely. I keep the updates on ( in fact, I received a minor patch today) and don’t keep any updates blocked. I have no received any mention of the updater attempting to download or install SP2.

So what happened April 12th?

P.S. I would try to see if it forced me to when installing updates using their online Windows Update, but it appears to be broken (in IE).

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April 12th, 2005

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced immediate availability of Adobe Reader 7.0 for the Linux operating system. With the availability of the company’s universal client software for Linux, Adobe now supports the ability to reliably view and print content across all major operating systems in the enterprise. Combined with Adobe LiveCycle(tm) server software, Adobe Reader 7.0 for Linux lets individuals participate in business processes and interact with many types of content more securely, both on- and off-line, inside and outside the firewall.

“The rate of adoption of the Linux operating system among enterprises worldwide - especially among government and financial services organizations - is increasing,” said Eugene Lee, vice president of product marketing, Intelligent Documents Business Unit at Adobe. “Our customers were asking for Adobe Reader 7.0 on Linux as they begin to support core enterprise applications at the desktop. Today’s announcement helps our customers continue to improve their business processes and workflows with more comprehensive, multi-platform support for the Intelligent Document Platform.”

“Adobe Reader is one of the primary tools Novell Linux Desktop customers use to collaborate with Windows users,” said Ed Anderson, vice president of product marketing for Novell’s platforms group. “In addition to Novell’s extensive enterprise experience and Linux ecosystem, having enterprise software vendors like Adobe join Novell in supporting the Linux desktop will continue to expand the choices and capabilities the Linux community can offer enterprise customers.”

Read the rest here.

You can download it here.

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April 11th, 2005

After a great week at the Masters, I’m home.

I went 6 out of 7 days, the most I have ever been and I probably had more fun watching this year than any other year that I remember.

On Sunday, I had a chair put down on 18 green for me. I managed to get a seat in the third row in the back of the green, which turned out to be an awesome spot and possibly the best spot on the green. There must have been over 30 rows behind me, so the third row is a great place to be.

I would had rather have Chris DiMarco win instead of another Tiger win, but there is always next year. In fact, I never want Tiger to win again; let’s see someone else who doesn’t have a bad attitude win. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and am rooting for Chris, Phil, and a few others next year.

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April 5th, 2005

I just received this e-mail:

Clete2, has ceased to exist in name only, it is now called forums and can be found at , all members accounts, posts etc etc are in tact and there, come and join us and check out the new buzz around the place!

Snarf-it Admin team.

Seems it’s true. I sucessfully logged into the forums. Upon going to, I arrived at a familiar site. It looks like Suprnova with a blue skin. Suprnova has returned, at least for a while.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I *think* was the official one (even though it was, but I am not sure. I also don’t remember ever signing up for a bittorrent site using Clete2, but I tried an incorrect password and got in with the correct one, meaning it’s a valid site.

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April 5th, 2005

Yesterday, I had another chance to go to the Masters. I took some good pictures, but the best one is of a professional golfer hitting out of the bunker. (I can’t remember who he is)


P.S. This means I won’t be posting much this week.

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April 1st, 2005

Google Gulp. Haha.

Google Gulp and Your Privacy
From time to time, in order to improve Google Gulp’s usefulness for our users, Google Gulp will send packets of data related to your usage of this product from a wireless transmitter embedded in the base of your Google Gulp bottle to the GulpPlex(tm), a heavily guarded, massively parallel server farm whose location is known only to Eric Schmidt, who carries its GPS coordinates on a 64-bit-encrypted smart card locked in a stainless-steel briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist. No personally identifiable information of any kind related to your consumption of Google Gulp or any other current or future Google Foods product will ever be given, sold, bartered, auctioned off, tossed into a late-night poker pot, or otherwise transferred in any way to any untrustworthy third party, ever, we swear. See our Privacy Policy.

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