Microsoft Server 2005 to Run on Linux

In a marked departure from its earlier stand, Microsoft has promised to add Linux support for the first time in one of its products. Microsoft’s Server 2005 product will run on non-Windows machines, including Linux.

Microsoft had always rebuffed any requests for interoperability with products it didn’t make, particularly Linux, an open-source giant, which it has long considered a threatening alternative.

On Wednesday, Microsoft head Steve Ballmer promised to add Linux support to Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1, which will be shipped by the end of the year, because, he said, users need to manage heterogeneous networks.



I wonder how many copies will sell. I imagine the number to be quite small; what Linux user would buy a Microsoft product to run on their Linux server machine? Sounds like another way to get more money. If they make a tiny profit off of it, they will keep it. It also makes them sound good. “Hey, I hear Microsoft is not so competetive anymore. They are making stuff for Linux too.”

When is Office coming? Will Microsoft ever use the Linux kernel?

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    The wall between and is so big we all can’t imagine :)

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