Suprnova Back?

I just received this e-mail:

Clete2, has ceased to exist in name only, it is now called forums and can be found at , all members accounts, posts etc etc are in tact and there, come and join us and check out the new buzz around the place!

Snarf-it Admin team.

Seems it’s true. I sucessfully logged into the forums. Upon going to, I arrived at a familiar site. It looks like Suprnova with a blue skin. Suprnova has returned, at least for a while.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I *think* was the official one (even though it was, but I am not sure. I also don’t remember ever signing up for a bittorrent site using Clete2, but I tried an incorrect password and got in with the correct one, meaning it’s a valid site.

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