KDE 3.4 Released

KDE 3.4 is now finalized and an official announcement is out on the official website.

Announcing KDE 3.4


The KDE Project ships a new major release of their leading Open Source desktop environment.

March 16, 2005 (The Internet) - After more than a half year of development the KDE Project is happy to be able to announce a new major release of the award-winning K Desktop Environment. Among the many new features that have been incorporated, the improvements in accessibility are most remarkable.


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KDE 3.4 weights in at 6,500+ bug fixes, 1,700+ enhancements, and a grand total of 80,000+ contributions.

By the way, for you Gentoo users, it is already unmasked in portage and the builds are ready to download. The server I’m downloading from (just so happens that a whole bunch of servers denied me, so it’s kde.org) is hit. I’m getting 4KB/sec.

Screenshots and my thoughts on it tomorrow or some other time. I’m going to be trying, for the first time, kde-meta, which should install a much larger base of packages.

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  1. JRB Technology Says:

    KDE 3.4 - Final Release!
    KDE ( The K Desktop Environment ) as released version 3.4 of its desktop environment. Some new features include a Text-to-speech system, KPDF which allows you to read and write PDF files, and more then 6500 bug fixes.

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