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Steam Update

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Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, SDK, Source Engine Updates Available
February 17, 2005, 4:13 pm - cliffe
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Source SDK, and Source Engine updates are available and will be applied automatically when Steam is restarted. The changes include:

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

* Added SLAM, Stunstick and Crowbar
* Added dm_steamlab
* Fixed game_score entity not awarding points
* Added team specific spawn points ( info_player_combine, info_player_rebel)
* Optimized weapon firing effects bandwith usage

Source SDK

* Added source code for Half-Life 2 multiplayer (Run the ‘Create a Mod’ link)
* Added ability to create new shaders. See Authoring Shaders In Source for documentation
* Added new tool (source code included) called DemoTool.exe, which shows the high-level structure of .dem files
* Added Source code for Source Model Viewer included (in srcutilshlmviewer)
* Added source for Half-Life 2’s airboat model included
* Fixed issues with Steam account names with “..”
* Fixed Face Poser flex sliders
* Hammer limits framerate in 3D views to 300fps – elminates overheating problems

Source Engine

* Fixed screenshots/save games being saved in the wrong place
* Fixed hang in rcon server
* Fixed server crash where banned players could retry/cancel quickly during connection
* Fixed crash when a user specifies a heapsize that is too large
* Fixed “play” command crashing on dedicated servers
* Fixed bspzip’d assets in maps not loading properly
* Added FCVAR_CHEAT to r_shadowids
* HLTV port/server can be completely disabled by commandline parameter “-nohltv”

Still waiting on Day of Defeat: Source.

World of Warcraft Selling Like Hotcakes in Europe, Too

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Last week, we welcomed a whole new continent to the World of Warcraft, and by all accounts, the game was an absolute success from day one. In just its first day of release, throngs of fans lined up in stores throughout Europe to purchase an estimated 280,000 copies of the game, a number that far exceeded what other experts estimated as the overall size of the European MMORPG market. As World of Warcraft’s launch proved, those estimates were clearly too low. By the end of the weekend, the number of World of Warcraft players only grew, with over 380,000 copies sold in its first weekend. By this first weekend, peak concurrency had hit over 180,000 players. We’re thrilled that our neighbors in Europe are enjoying the game as much as we are, and are excited at the successful launch of World of Warcraft in just its first weekend. To see first-hand photos of the European launch of World of Warcraft, click below.


380,000 in a weekent. 280,000 in a day. Wow (ok, bad joke ;)).

It’s still selling crazily here in the USA, with copies hard to find. I have never seen one in a store and rarely see one in stock online – anywhere.

Tomorrow is exactly one month after the Battlegrounds Preview II was released. Exactly a month before part 2, part 1 was released. Let’s hope they continue the tradition.

Steam Update Soon

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Steam Update


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