World of Warcraft European Release Soon

The European World of Warcraft beta has come to a close similar to the one that took place in the Americas a few months back, with a clash of giant monsters and all kinds of races.

The beta closed just yesterday, but unlike how the Wish beta ended, in announcing the closing of the project, a release has been scheduled for Febuary 11th.

As previously announced the European servers have now been taken offline. We’d like to say a warm thank you to all those players who have spent many hours helping us to test the game and server performance. We look forward to seeing you all in game at the start of the real adventure on 11th February!


World of Warcraft has had a great amount of sucess in the Americas, selling well over 600,000 copies as of about a month ago, and looking extremely promising for all of Europe. Will they have to limit sales in Europe and improve servers first, such has been done in the Americas? We will see.

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