KDE Native Windows Port

A native Windows port for KDE’s graphical framework is under development and could help the Linux desktop environment attract Microsoft users, but some fear the move will harm Linux

The Linux desktop environment KDE is moving a little closer to Microsoft Windows as developers ready a release of QT, the KDE graphical framework, that will run natively on the proprietary operating system.

Ralf Habacker, a KDE developer who initiated a project to port the Linux desktop to Windows, said over the weekend that a native Windows port for Qt, the KDE graphical framework, will be released under the General Public License (GPL).


Too bad it won’t fix all the security holes, bad “spaghetti” code, and instability.

2 Responses to “KDE Native Windows Port”

  1. Nathan Wong Says:

    Why would ANYBODY want to use KDE on Windows? It’s really REALLY clunky compared to either Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center, or even Classic Windows.

  2. Clete Blackwell 2 Says:

    I have no idea. I’m going to try it, though (not keep it). Nobody will really use it.

    To me, it’s equivalent (besides it being a little less newbie-friendly) to Windows XP in usability.

    (hey, MSN won’t let me on for half the day today, stupid thing has been trying for hours)

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