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World of Warcraft Selling Again?

Filed under: — Clete R. Blackwell 2 @ 9:35 am

Today, being the rabid World of Warcraft gamer that I am, I was checking up on their official site, looking for their next “battlegrounds” preview, an update coming soon, adding a reason to fight in PVP combat and arenas. (right now, PVP, which is player versus player, has no benefits and is for sheer fun)

Disappointed that their new article hasn’t been released yet (Tuesday, Febuary 1st, is two weeks to the day from the last section, whereas the second was posted exactly a month after the first), I remembered that Blizzard deletes irrelevant news postings from time to time.

Interestingly enough, the article about World of Warcraft being off of store shelves has disappeared from the main page and archive pages.

Is it selling again? We will see, it’s still out of stock on the Blizzard store.

I stand corrected. Blizzard’s store is now selling it and has it in stock (not for long, I would guess).

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