Rid the world of petitions!

Unless you have been in the dark for a long time, you have seen many posts about people wanting this or that and they decide to make a petition on some free “petition hosting” service.

Today, I was directed to a petition, so out of bordem, I give you the anti-petition petition.

Utterly worthless. :)

One Response to “Rid the world of petitions!”

  1. Billy Petrovski Says:

    I have a petition. Why don’t you put up a poll on your website? I live in Alaska and I like voting. I can’t get to the polls during elections because I live miles away from civilization and if I leave for a long time, the grizzlies will tear up my house! Pesky little things, you turn your back and the next thing you know they be stealing leftovers from places you don’t even know you had leftovers at! Last time I figured out I left a turkey in my plane, and what do you know, there musta been twelve bears fighting over one turkey leg!. They tore up my plane two. The thing just wasn’t built to handle 800 pound bears. In case you are wondering why I had a plane, there is an easy explanation. Here in Alaska, we don’t drive to the grocery store, we fly. I live 600 miles away from anchorage, and there are no roads for the majority of that distance. I just get in my plane, not anything fancy, just an ancient little thing, sometimes I’m even scared the engine might give way! You don’t want to parachute out of a plane and land in the middle of nowhere. Then you’d have a lot more to deal with than bears. Them mosquitoes will eat you alive!!! Anyway that’s how I get my food. Fly to Anchorage every month and back. Not too much hassle. I even have a phone for emergencies. Like if my plane breaks I can call in and as for help. Anyway, my wife is calling me so I will get to the point: it doesn’t matter if people vote in it, just put the poll up!!! I will be there to vote whenever I can!!!

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