Google Adds Nofollow

Recently, Google has rel=”nofollow”, where, when added to a URL, Google’s bot will not follow it, which prevents spamming to artificially raise your Google pagerank.

Really, I don’t think anyone will use it. Good idea, however, and easy to tack on rel=”nofollow” to all blog comments. It also probably will not cut down on spam at all, as other engines still follow the links and if one person clicks the link, it’s worth it to them to keep their bots spamming.

a href=”” rel=”nofollow”

In other Google news, Picasa 2 has been released.

3 Responses to “Google Adds Nofollow”

  1. Nathan Wong Says:

    What…? Lots of people will use it. Just because you don’t care about SEO, doesn’t mean nobody does. This is a HUGE thing, it’s really great to see them take actions. Just try and post opinions that you actually have a solid and relavent stance on, eh? If you aren’t in the SEO field, you really aren’t one to say it won’t be used…

  2. Clete R. Blackwell 2 Says:

    Fine, won’t be used by me. For the meantime, at least.

  3. Things that ... make you go hmm Says:

    Treating all commenters like spammers is a slippery slope
    The more I think about the enforced action by MSN Spaces against the 1.5 million blogs they have the more disappopinted I become. I realize they did this to fight the comment spam which all bloggers who have been affected by this are grateful for but a…

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