KDE 3.4 Preview

KDE 3.3.2 was tagged today, so we should see a new bug fix release of KDE in the first or second week of December. Earlier this past week, the plans for a KDE 3.4 release were also finalized. This will be the last major KDE 3 release before KDE 4. KDE 4 will make use of the Qt 4 library which promises to be quite a revolution for KDE and all Qt applications, but will break binary compatibility with previous releases.

The release schedule for KDE 3.4 plans for an alpha release December 3, a beta release January 7, and a final release March 16 2005. The 3.4 release will bring a large number of features and functionality enhancements over previous KDE 3 releases. Here are some of the features already implemented:

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Looking down the list later on in the article, all I can say is “nice.” Yet, I’m not so focused on 3.4 as I am of 4.x :) . Breaking compatiability with QT4 :( . Sounds like Longhorn. It will most likely be worth it, though (not saying Longhorn’s system isn’t, haven’t tried it yet), but we will have to see.

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