Linux Ready says Intel

Despite all the hype about Linux and other open-source operating systems, the fact remains that Microsoft Corp. continues to dominate the desktop universe, with 90 percent or so of the world’s personal computers powered by one version of Windows or another.

No one is predicting an end to Redmond’s desktop dominance any time soon. But there are signs on the horizon that open-source systems could eventually claim a big chunk of the PC market. From today’s news: Long-time Microsoft partner Intel Corp. is working to help Asian PC manufacturers install Linux on new machines rolling off the assembly lines.

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Interesting. Intel is now supporting Linux. Now, we have two main contributors. IBM and Intel. Things are on the up for Linux and down for Microsoft. I’m predicting that Longhorn will be a step backwards for Microsoft with their ‘Next Generation Secure Computing Base’ system coming up dubbed Palladium by most. I will have more on it later on.

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